Race HQ

Caldecotte Arms Premier Inn, Off Bletchley Way, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes, MK7 8HP
(150 yds off the A5, and 3 miles from M1. (Look for a Windmill)
Tel: 01908 366188 (pub), 0870 9906558 (Premier Inn)

Facilities: Toilets in pub. No showers, no changing, no baggage.
Pub opens at 8am for tea, coffee, breakfast. Pub serves food post race.


Exit M1(J14), turn right towards Milton Keynes South (H6 Childs Way). Over 2 roundabouts, turn left at the 3rd roundabout onto V10. Over 5 roundabouts, at the 6th turn right onto H10, the hotel is on the right, look out for the Windmill.

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Marathon Route 1 - Lake Loops

1 mini loop http://www.fetcheveryone.com/route-327949 (1.67 miles)
plus 7 laps of the lake http://www.fetcheveryone.com/route-327957 (3.55 miles/lap)
Distance 26.52 miles (Downloadable to Garmin)

Starting from just across the wooden bridge - follow the lakeside trail path in front of you, head under the wooden bridge & continue - you will need to take the first available left on the path & cross the wooden bridge, turn left onto the lake - continue in a straight line - the path will fork take the right fork & head downhill under the bridge.
When you come out from under the bridge you will be on the very edge of the water continue along the lake edge in front of the pub.Continue on the path which winds round to the left. There's a very slight incline & you will see the drinks station in front of you.
Follow the path round to the right heading for the concrete Anglian water structure, you will run diagonally across a grass area with a criss cross concrete base, you will pass a small weir on your right & head up the concrete ramp back on to the lakeside path.
Follow round to the right - keeping the lake on your right. take the downhill fork towards a patch of grass TURN LEFT AT THE GRASS continuing on the trail, 20 yards later take a rightalong a dirt trail which will take you up over a small knoll (do not take the steps)
Follow the path through a slightly wooded area & turn left through the trees, take a sharp 90 degree turn followed by immediate 90 degree left turn across a wooden boardwalk. take path off boardwalk arcing right you will come to a wooden "Gazebo" run under this & acroos the wooden bridge come off the bridge turning 90 degrees to your RIGHT follow the winding path which will bring you under the road bridge.
Take a sharp 90 degree LEFT heading uphill, turn right across a very smallwooden bridge & onwards you will see a car park to your left.
Continue along path - you will come to a junction take a 90 degree righ & 90 degree left 3 or 4 yards later onto the edge of the lake.
You will run round 2 cresecents on the very edge of the lake (ignore watersports only signs - it's a public right of way) continue on the path head up hill run between the 2 yellow posts & across a wooden boardwalk, you will come to a cross path ignore this & continue on the main path which gradually bends round to the right, stay on the path & you will pass the 2 benches you ran between we you first came onto the lake. Continue on the path you took earlier & once you reach the drinks station you now have just 6 more laps of the lake to complete (7 laps in total).

Marathon Route 2 - Canal Route

A loop of the lake, then an out and back, followed by a partial loop of the lake. http://www.fetcheveryone.com/route-219048

Distance 26.3 miles (Downloadable to Garmin)

Starting in front of the pub follow lakeside path and within 200 yards you will pass the drinks station from here you need to run one complete lap of the lake sticking to the lakeside path that runs closest to the lake (take care after running under the Gazebo cross the bridge & go RIGHT, shortly after there will be a second wooden bridge, continue under road bridge turn left up a gentle incline & then right - keep lake on RHS for the whole lap.
Just past the drinks station head left towards the wooden bridge after crossing the bridge turn left & head along path under the dual carriageway again continue until you come to A5 bridge, follow the trail path until you reach the canal.
Turn left onto the canal (canal on RHS) through a kissing gate under a bridge almost immediatly. continue along the canal - just after 8 miles you will go under a bridge & need to take the spiral staircase to then run over the bridge you have just come under & continue on the other side of the canal (canal on LHS) at the 3 locks pub you will need to cross the canal again using the final of the 3 locks) conntinue along canal past Globe pub until you reach the Grove pub & lock where you need to touch the lock gate - this is the turn around point & you need to then retrace your route along the canal remembering to cross the canal twice & turn off the canal just after the Kissing gate but before the Red Lion pub.
Follow trail path head under A5 bridge turn right across the wooden bridge then turn right onto to lake.
Complete 3/4 of a lap of lake in reverse direction to earlier in the day finishing behind the pub car park where the drinks station is located.

Ultra Route 3 - Lake Loops

1 mini loop http://www.fetcheveryone.com/route-327949 (1.67 miles)
plus 8 laps of the lake http://www.fetcheveryone.com/route-327957 (3.55 miles/lap)

Description same as Route 1 but with an added loop of the lake.

Distance 30.1 miles (Downloadable to Garmin)